Beginner to Advanced Backpacking Series: Level 1 – Afternoon Hike

Jeremiah Pastor “The Bullfrog” – AcadianX Lead Adventure Guide

This is our level 1 event for our “Beginner to Advanced Backpacking Series”. This is a learning event that features an introduction to backpacking and hiking and an afternoon hike through a local park where we put into action some of the basic skills that we will cover. Your instructor will cover:

      • The “10 Essentials of Hiking”
      • Basic Backcountry Navigation
      • Wilderness Travel – Basic Routefinding Skills

We will spend about an hour going over the three topics followed by a 3-mile hike through nature where we will reinforce the basics that were covered. A map of the route we will take is provided. You will need to bring:

      • Good athletic shoes or hiking boots
      • Water or sports drink
      • Snacks
      • Small pack to keep your hands free
      • Something to take notes on.

We usually meet under the large pavilion across from the Acadiana Park Nature Station Trailhead next to the roundabout.  See map for details.

You can download the course documents here:

Notes on How to Start Day Hiking

Level 1 Afternoon Hike – Course Notes

You can download the trail map here:

Acadiana Park Trail Map – Level 1

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  1. It was a Pleasure meeting you today. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. The class was very interesting. Thank you for all you do.

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