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Who Are We?

AcadianX began from humble beginnings in the heart of Cajun Country in South Louisiana.  Just a group of close friends who shared an overwhelming love of the backcountry and a tremendous urge to challenge themselves.  Founding members Jeremiah Pastor and Jason Doucet shared many adventures around the world and together built a wealth of experience that they wanted to share with fellow Cajuns and the world.  Upon their return from any given adventure travel destination they were always bombarded with friends and family inquiring as to how they could do the same.  It was because of this AcadianX was born.  AcadianX sprang into the world as a group of Cajun Adventurers bringing the serenity and challenges of the oceans, rivers, mountains, and valleys of the world to south Louisiana and beyond.

About AcadianX

AcadianX has now grown into an outdoor adventure travel group that promotes and facilitates wilderness and backcountry expeditions all over the world.  The AX community is comprised of some of the most experienced mountain climbers, white water paddlers, thru hikers, adventure kayakers, thrill seekers, and outdoor enthusiasts on the Gulf Coast.  In order to facilitate these adventures for the community the group offers guided and self-guided expedition packages to clients in the Gulf Coast area and beyond.  As seasoned adventurers we know all too well what it takes to safely and comfortably endure the backcountry.  Because of this we are committed to ensuring that you are prepared to make your adventure a successful one.  Weather its teaching you the skills and techniques of the backcountry or preparing your body to endure the wild we are here to make it happen for you.

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What an amazing experience..

I am new to backpacking and booked my first ever trip with AcadianaX to Glacier National Park. Every detail is thought out and planned. They ensured I was ready physically, they reviewed training plans, gear, food, and made sure you knew every detail before the hike. We were each provided with a packet that had everything from flights, car rentals, hotels, trails and campsites. It had the history of where we were going and detailed out what we should expect. I would highly recommend doing a trip with this group.

- Sal LaMartina

AcadianX is where you want to begin your ADVENTURE!...

I booked my first trip as a novice backpacker last year. I was intimidated by what I didn’t know at the time but that quickly changed. The staff of AcadianX are all very experienced and knowledgeable and were willing to share that knowledge. From gear selections to clothing options to real wilderness hacks, AcadianX is where you want to begin your ADVENTURE!

- Randy Leblanc

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