AcadianX in the Everglades 2020

Jeremiah “The Bullfrog” Pastor – Lead Guide for AcadianX

In February of 2020 the team from AcadianX traveled to south of Florida to explore the waterways and beaches of Everglades National Park.  We started out in the Northern part of the Glades know as Ten Thousand Islands.  The Ten Thousand Islands are a chain of islands and mangrove islets off the coast of southwest Florida, between Cape Romano (at the south end of Marco Island) and the mouth of the Lostman’s River. Some of the islands are high spots on a submergent coastline. Others were produced by mangroves growing on oyster bars. Despite the name, the islets in the chain only number in the hundreds.

The islands along Everglades National Park’s northwest corner extend into the Gulf of Mexico.  And while the park is famous for mangrove-choked swamp, the feel here is decidedly oceanic, with liquid horizons, crushed-shell beaches, big tides, and excellent fishing for sea trout, tarpon, jack, and snook.  There are long crossings of bays and channels exposed to wind and waves, but most of the route is sheltered.  Mazelike channels and endless green shorelines make navigation challenging, but shallow gaps through peninsulas and between islets let you avoid powerboat traffic.

Here is the video from our trip and needless to say is that we shall be back.

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