AcadianX Gear Packing Checklists

Jeremiah Pastor “The Bullfrog” – AcadianX Lead Adventure Guide

The following document is our suggested gear packing checklist to be used as a tool to help you stay organized and to record your base weight for your trip.  Inside you will find our backpacking lists for 3-season as well as winter and you will also find our 3-season paddling list.  The lists are arranged systematically into the “Bullfrog Gear Systems” to help you stay organized.  All the gear items listed are merely suggestions and are not required to bring.  Your own preferences and needs will dictate which items you will bring.  Click the link below to view and download the document.

AX Gear Checklist

To learn more about gear and everything else you need to know about backpacking in the wilderness, checkout our online training courses at:

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