Beginner to Advanced Backpacking Series: Level 2 – Day Hike

Jeremiah Pastor “The Bullfrog” – AcadianX Lead Adventure Guide

This is our level 2 event for our “Beginner to Advanced Backpacking Series”. This is a learning event that features an introduction to backpacking and hiking and a day hike through a local wilderness area where we put into action some of the basic skills that we will cover. Your guide will cover:

      • Planning Logistics
      • Route Planning
      • The “10 Essentials of Hiking”
      • Basic Backcountry Navigation
      • Wilderness Travel

We will spend about an hour going over the three topics followed by a 9.9 mile hike through the wilderness where we will reinforce the basics that were covered. We will hike in 3 mile segments while taking breaks between each segment. A map of the route we will take is provided. You will need to bring:

      • Good athletic shoes or hiking boots
      • Water or sports drink
      • Snacks & a lunch
      • Small pack to keep your hands free
      • Something to take notes on.

Cost for this outdoor course and day hike is $45 and we will provide you with course notes and a map. We will meet at 7:00 a.m. at the Target parking lot in North Lafayette where we will then drive up to the trailhead. You can also choose to meet us at the designated trail head around 9:00 a.m.

Link to download the course document:

Level 2 Day Hike – Course Notes

Link to download the trail map:

Backbone Trail Map

Clark Creek Topo Map

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